WIP wednesday: learning to juggle

This may be the first time I’ve ever had more than one knitting project going at once!  How exciting (and also a tad overwhelming – I’ve realized that while I’ve been doing pretty well on the knitting front this summer, I’ve fallen behind in my sewing.  So now I have to pick up on that in addition to all of my grand knitting plans.)

1) The Regina Hat – This one hardly counts as a WIP – all I have left is sewing the fan in place.  I’m really happy with the hat, especially since when sewn on, the fan will cover the two small errors I made at the beginning of the project (:


2) The Man Slouch Hat –  David requested another “more professional-looking” hat – the one I made him a a few Christmases ago has an enormous pom-pom, which is apparently not okay to wear to work.  It’s a great mindless project, which is quite a welcome feeling after all the noodling over the sweater. I really like the color and the width of the brim – I’m resisting the serious urge to knit myself a hat as well.


3) Make It Red Cardigan – I haven’t made much progress on this front, but I did decide to frog up from the armpits.  Ulp.  I’m going to insert a lifeline and then just go to town ripping it all out.  I’ll post pictures of the process to show y’all my success or failure.

4) Maintenance – I’m in possession of a very old (33 years!) and very valuable (to me) crocheted object.  In order to keep the blanket in good condition, I do some scheduled work on it a couple times a year – now just happens to be the summer session!

5) The mysterious object – Here’s the other part of it!  I’ll be posting about it soon (:




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