WIP wednesday and some crowd-sourcing for a knitting question

I am be-sleeved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo on 6-18-13 at 8.24 PM

(Be-sleeved in a singular sense, that is.)  I originally wasn’t going to post until I finished the sweater, but I just got too excited.  After starting on Saturday and finishing Tuesday evening, I would say that the sleeve was pretty painless, as far as the rest of the sweater went.

Photo on 6-18-13 at 8.25 PM

The armscye bit and the sleeve width are a bit strange to me, though – the armscye seems weirdly baggy (which may be my fault because of the weird trouble I had with the simple counting of the raglan increases at the beginning), while the rest of the sleeve seems pretty tight.  Hmm. Overall this was supposed to be a baggy sweater and I began it knowing that it full well might not turn out okay, so I am surprisingly alright with this ill-fittingness for my first attempt.  Then again, it might be because I have placed all of my eggs in the care of the blocking basket, and I’m just hoping that much of the weirdness is solved by blocking.  Or maybe… I could just pick up everything from under the armpits, save that part, frog from the underarms up, re-knit the shoulders/raglan increases and kitchener stitch the two ends together?  Has anyone done that?  Would that even be a possibility?  I’d greatly appreciate y’alls thoughts because at this point my cat could probably comfortably hang out in the armscye this baby. Thanks for your wisdom and advice in advance! (: 

Photo on 6-18-13 at 8.26 PM



  1. If I’m honest, I’m not sure if I can offer any advice; I too, end up with awful-fitting and baggy sleeves, each time I follow a pattern. I wonder why that is?
    Raglans are supposed to be pretty fitting at the arms, aren’t they… But since it’s meant to be a baggy sweater, then it maybe isn’t looking so bad after all! 🙂

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