stash city

I used to think that I had a lot of yarn/fabric, and then I started looking at other people’s knitting and sewing blogs. Hoo baby. They featured gargantuan stashes, all very cleverly organized and color-coded on some sort of IKEA furnishing.

Luckily for my wallet (and my boyfriend), seeing colossal stashes didn’t inspire me to procure my own.  However, it inspired me to do something about the disastrous state of my own craft storage.  This has been a gradual process (because crafting is way more fun than organizing craft supplies), and I didn’t think to take pictures of the before/during process (of course), so here’s just what I’ve come up with to remedy the chaos.

First, I separated all the craft project families – no more drawer of shame, full of fabric scraps and yarn and findings to the bursting, and no more mysterious containers stashed in corners (downside: no more pleasant surprises of finding little shoeboxes full of yarn under my bed).  We just bought a comforter so luckily I had one of those awesome see-through zip bags to become my new home for fabric and patterns. It fits quite nicely under the bed and there’s room for it to grow, which is definitely important considering my hoarding tendencies.


The yarn got its own big drawer and is separated using handy cardboard dividers based on yarn weight.  At one point the stash did have room to grow, but then my birthday happened and I broke my six-month yarn embargo in the most delightful way – through a frightfully large Knitpicks order.  I think that this is a sign that I’m ready to be done with my sweater – all I can think about is the super-soft yarn I have waiting for me in that drawer.


I’m still on my slightly manic sewing glut, so I made a case for my growing knitting needle collection.  I used some IKEA fabric I bought a while ago.  (The fact that IKEA sells fabric is almost too much for me.  That place is already a giant SSO (Swedish Sensory Overload) and then they throw craft supplies into the mix and it nearly sends me into a paralytic fit.)  I took pictures of the process so I might post a DIY later. Ta-da!


All organized. Now if only I could find the motivation to do this with the rest of my apartment.


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