Chicago is not having a very summery summer.  While I could complain about the coolness or the frequent and unpredictable bouts of rain, I would be ignoring all the positives – I can go outdoors without getting ill! I can comfortably sleep in a bed with another human being, a blanket AND a cat! The world is full of non-sweaty possibilities!

Just because it’s cool outside doesn’t mean that we’re not enjoying the spoils of summer – I may turn into a giant berry, Violet Beauregard style, if I don’t stop shoveling fruit into my mouth. About a month ago, I read this Buzzfeed list of delicious popsicle recipes.  Since then my brain had been absolutely full of longing for a popsicle mold set.  Lo and behold, I found one last week at Marshall’s.  It was fate.


david models the mold.

The first mixture we tested was Trader Joe’s strawberry non-fat Greek yogurt mixed in with about 1 lb of blended strawberries.  There’s something incredibly satisfying that comes out of enjoying a popsicle and getting 6 grams of protein at the same time.  (:  (Also, to answer your question – yes, all I do is lay around in my messy apartment in a sports bra eating popsicles and torture my cat with people food.)



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