wip wednesday – purl, look at that body

The sweater returns and the body is finished!  It’s been a while since I last posted a WIP Wednesday, mostly because all my cardigan progress was just like “Hey guys, look! I’ve knitted ten inches past the armpit! That’s a whole four inches more than I knitted last week!” up until very recently, when I hit this milestone.  I’ve got two words for you: aw yiss.


Honestly, I think the fit is a bit weird – not sure where I screwed up but it looks a little balloon-y in odd places, and there are definitely large chunks where I must have been like “lalala what’s gauge” before snapping back to it later on.  A part of me that is very full of wishful thoughts wants to think that at least some of this oddness will all be resolved when I block, but that remains to be seen.

Anyway – next stop, sleeves and collar!  Yay (:

Just in case you didn’t get my title pun.  I laughed out loud to myself in a lecture when I thought of it.


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