summertime sew-verload

So I’ve been on a bit of a sewing glut recently.  My loved ones are becoming a bit alarmed by my behavior (and by loved ones I mean only David, and by alarmed I mean getting kind of sick of navigating the minefield of pins on the living room carpet).

But this has been a productive glut!  I’ve made three skirts, and two of those were from an abandoned project that I had cast away in frustration last year.  So that’s definitely what I call success.  (:  I would have better pictures, but David works until after dark on the weekdays (and most of the time the weekends) so these photos are an interesting mixture of “quick take this and then let’s sprint to the bus stop” (we were literally sprinting one morning) and also “hey it’s 11:30 and I still haven’t showered after my workout 7 hours ago but WHATEVER let’s take these pictures.” Behold me in all my dignity.

The first is my pink crepe skirt.  I made this one up on my own (no pattern woooo!) and it was more of a struggle than I anticipated (as my no-pattern projects often are) but I’m still very pleased with the result.  Tutorial coming soon!


a little baggy, but that’s because i’m wearing a thin workout top rather than a blouse and undershirt.

The next two are from the same pattern, and this pattern was the source of all the woes for this project.  Last year when I first embarked upon my journey aboard the S.S. Singer, I had a rough-and-tumble (read: crappy trial-by-error) lesson in pattern sizes.  When I made my first dress, I just COULD NOT believe that I could be a regular clothing size 2/4 but be a pattern size 14.  Not possible…except it definitely was possible.  Ouch. Not to be fooled again, I followed the pattern sizing directions for this skirt pattern and it turned out to be comically large – even with the elastic in the skirt I had to hold it up on both sides of my waist to keep it from falling down.

Needless to say it was enough to make me stuff the thing into a basket of fabric and forget about it for a year.   This past weekend I finally dug it out, laboriously picked it apart, and re-cut the fabric.  With a couple inches lopped off each side, it finally fit!  Sort of!  After a year of crafting, my critical eye is not very fond of the cut of the skirt or the fact that I chose such a geometrically repeating pattern to be pleated (the print does. not. line. up. ughghghghghhh.), but what is the point of being young and inexperienced if you can’t make totally regretful life decisions you’ll have to live with forever?  At least I didn’t get “HOMICIDE” tattooed on my neck or something like that.

look at how capable i am of charming facial expressions early in the morning!

look at how capable i am of charming facial expressions early in the morning!

Unfortunately for my continued saga of poor life decisions, I had also cut and pinned ANOTHER skirt of the same pattern last year, so I had another of these bad boys to make. There. Alllllll done, and now I can move on to more flattering outfits! 


am i laughing at david? at ceecee? at how bad this pattern was? who knows.

Next up, I think I’m going back to knitting. I haven’t bought any yarn since my pre-Christmas stock-up, and my birthday is approaching – what better way to break a massive yarn embargo? Also, here’s a bonus CeeCee photo.  She’s so cute when she’s not sticking her paw in my yogurt and then flinging yogurt all over my hair and face (that actually happened today).



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