pink crepe skirt tutorial

Much to my own surprise, I decided to actually get off my patoot and make something from my previous inspiration board post.  Behold: a midi-length pink crepe skirt that I can wear to nice things and/or clinic (if I am ever brave enough to sit down on public transportation with a butt clad in easily stainable fabric)!  A tutorial with pictures is below.

To get started, you’ll need some crepe of your chosen color (I think mine was 60″ poly crepe that I purchased for $4/yd in Evanston), matching thread, an invisible zipper (meep) and if you want to do a contrasting waistband like mine/the Net-a-Porter skirt, 2 inch-wide ribbon in your contrasting color.  If this is your first project sewing in an invisible zipper, don’t worry because this was my first time too and I did it with minimal swearing and zero tears!


First, I decided how long I wanted the skirt to be and where I wanted it to hit on my waistline.  Then I also got an idea of how much material/gathering I wanted in the skirt.  This is totally up to the individual sewer and will also vary based on your height and waist.  I wanted a very full gathered skirt so I used the full 60″ width of my fabric.  Your fabric should be at least 1.5x the width of your waist or hips (depending on where the skirt will sit).

For the waistband, measure your waist and add for seam allowances (you don’t have to do this, but I also included enough wiggle room in your waistband (besides what I allotted for the seam) for those trivial things like breathing and tucking in shirts and food babies).  The waistband height should be 2 inches (not counting seam allowances).


  1. Cut two waistband pieces and affix interfacing to the wrong side of one (optional, but it’s nice to have a stiff waistband).  Sew the waistband pieces together on one side, length-wise and right sides together. On the other long side (for both pieces), fold up under the seam allowance + press.  From here on out, the side of the waistband with interfacing will be the back side (against your body), or WB. The side without interfacing will be the front side, or WF.
  2. On the top of your skirt-rectangle piece, gather so that it is the same length as the waistband (including food baby + seam allowances).  Make sure it is more or less evenly done, depending on your level of anal retentivity –  here is a good tutorial on gathering.
  3. Match up long edge of WF with the top of the gathers and sew (right sides together).
  4. Fold the other side of the waistband (WB) down over the gathers.  Press under by your seam allowance and pin.  Baste this in place.  Flip it over so you’re looking at the right side of the skirt and topstitch along the bottom of the waistband.  (It might seem excessive to baste in place, but this was what I did because I wanted to make sure the folded under WB was secured down while I neatly topstitched over the top, and I didn’t want to take pins out from underneath the fabric while sewing.)

By now you should have a gathered rectangle-looking thing with a smooth waistband.  Now it’s time to sew your invisible zipper into the skirt waistband + body.  I can’t even pretend to know what’s going on with invisible zippers at this point so I’m just going to link y’all to what I used: here.  I followed these instructions to the letter and I ended up with a functional zipper – whaddya know, it was not as horrible as I had anticipated.  Sew the side seams as instructed in the video as well.

All done! (For now, at least.)  I decided not to do the blue belt/waistband thing, as I own a lot of blue blouses and I would not want to wear a blue belt + a slightly different blue top. Life is hard.


you may also take a moment to appreciate my huge guns, which apparently i must subconsciously display in every photo.

This was definitely the most involved sewing tutorial I’ve done thus far so if you think I can do better let me know (constructively, please)!  Also if you make this I want to see how it turns out, so comment with a link!  (:


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