alive (with the power of monkey bread)

It’s SUMMER BREAK.  FINALLY. I don’t think I can fully express how long and agonizingly I have longed for the moment where I put down my pencil (actually, I put it in my pocket because I was in the anatomy lab and every horizontal surface in there is pretty greasy) and closed my eyes in sweet relief.

Of course, such a long-awaited moment deserved a little celebration. Besides (re-)watching the entire BBC Sherlock series in 24 hours, I also went to town on no less than three (!!) sewing projects, all of which will be up on the blog shortly (with a tutorial for one – I’ve been s(o/ew) productive).

My parents came up (with our dog!) for a very brief visit, so we had a lovely walk along the lake.  Nick (our dog) normally spends his days unleashed and roaming free in our 2-acre yard, so having to be on a leash and walk around so many other people without sniffing them was very difficult for him.


if this image came with audio you’d only be able to hear the dog snorking as he nearly choked himself to death on the leash.

My final act of school’s-out-oh-yeah revelry was MONKEY BREAD.  Since I went to boarding school for most of high school, for the majority of the time the only parent-like figures physically present were the RC’s (kind of like an RA at university, but a bit older).  Some RC’s were nicer than others (read: they baked us goodies), and during my junior year, I happened to have possibly one of the nicest RC’s of all time.  Heidi made monkey bread on a pretty regular basis, and it was the perfect thing to eat when you were sad, or happy, or needed to celebrate (so basically at any occasion).

Slide2But what is monkey bread?  It’s hard to explain beyond the words amazingly delicious and dangerously habit-forming, but it’s basically like a pull-apart cinnamon roll.  See below.



So that’s been my lovely long weekend and I hope yours was just as wonderful!  I’ll be resuming with more sewing and knitting posts in the very near future now that I have lots more time to do them.  I’m looking forward to a very productive summer. (:



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  1. Ha – you thought I forgot about you, I bet. Just checking in on your latest projects, and I see there are lots of them. Keep it up, honey – it’s good for your brain! I’m ready to begin some gourd crafting this weekend myself…

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