on fear of (sewing) commitment

Confession time: I did not do much sewing in April.  I finished a project, but that was one I began and mostly completed in March.  This means I sort of failed at my resolution/goal to sew one item per month. Whoops.  But it’s not like I wasn’t doing any other projects – I think I just have a fear of sewing in which I build it up into this giant production in my head when in reality, it’s no more of a production than mixing paints and painting, or counting endless knitting stitches.  I guess I might view sewing as more of a challenge, but I do tend to jump into other challenging projects as far as knitting and painting go without much hesitation or self-flagellation. Sigh.

ANYWAY.  I didn’t start this blog to write posts where I just whine about something, I’m going to make a post about how I’m going to change the whiny thing!  That brings us to my newest (half-baked) plan – Me-Made-May!  I won’t be participating in the 2013 version, because that means I would either be wearing the same three or four items of clothing over and over again, or I would just have to go round naked.   Rather, my goal is to be able to sign up for next year and wear my (hopefully numerous) creations with pride.  Instead of wearing pieces this May, I think I’ll just focus on making them.  I have quite a few half-finished projects that need some love thrown their way (I’m looking at you, almost-finished-skirts-that-turned-out-to-be-enormous – a big fat UGH to stupid pattern sizing), and some more projects that would probably move quite quickly once I motivated myself to start sewing.

So here’s to the rest of this month, and actually the rest of this year – until the next Me-Made-May! (:


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