I’ve come to realize that I enjoy crafting partially for the challenge and reward of doing something new, so I don’t tend to repeat projects once they’re already done. However, I have made an exception for one craft I’ve done multiple times and I’m still not tired of – the decorated canvas sneaker. 

My first one – a squid (I love squids and octopuses just as much as I love jellyfish).  I did these three years ago so they are pretty foul by now, but I still do like to look at them and wiggle my toes so the squid’s arms go woodly-woo. Here’s a picture from when the shoes were less grubby!  On a totally unrelated note, I am REALLY glad I stopped cutting my own hair.


A henna-inspired design (I did these while I proctored biology exams this past summer – I got some really weird looks but I like how they turned out).


And what’s this?  Two more pairs, unmarked and full of promise!  I have grand plans for these two.  I’m currently noodling over some preliminary designs for my pair, and I know what I’m doing for the pair on the right (a present for someone!) – but that’s still a secret yet (:



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