notably tote-ably

Being a student, my life consists of schlepping things in large backpacks and messenger bags from one location to another.  Occasionally I study the things that I schlep, but let’s be honest – it’s mostly schlepping.

Because of this affinity for schlepping, I ended up paying very close attention to Ikat Bag’s bag tutorial series.  If you haven’t read it or the rest of her blog, check it out – it’s awesome.  I particularly liked this series on bags because it was so focused on engendering bag-engineering self-efficacy rather than creating some cute ruffly thing in super-cute designer cotton print.  In fact, this series was so good at engendering self-efficacy that I ended up making a bag like-object of my own!


Behold my own version of a(n admittedly strap-less) gusseted tote with a flap!  Yep, be appreciative of my sweet bag-making vocabulary.  But what is this bag for?

Like I said, I do a lot of schlepping.  Most of the schlepped items are either dirty or durable, so it doesn’t matter that they go rattling around in my backpack unattended.  But some things are important/delicate/old and I’d rather they not become intimately familiar with my gym shoes and the orphaned almonds at the bottom of my bag.  Now all I need to do is a bit of folding and tuck the little package into my bag (it’s conveniently book-sized and shaped) and I’m ready to go!



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