NYC garment district

This is the last of my New York posts!  Let’s get down to it. Okay everyone, raise your hand if you’ve ever walked into a fabric/notions store and felt like a total sewing plebe (this happens to me just about every time I walk into a fabric store).  Now imagine an entire neighborhood of fabric stores and you’re a plebe in every single one of them.  To me, this was the NY garment district.  Block after block of fabric stores, and not a single Hobby Lobby in sight (be still my beating heart).  After I passed like the third store devoted solely to spandex I was in a constant state of shock and awe.  I did end up going into one of these spandex meccas – it was called Spandex House (all the fancy stuff went into the spandex selection and none was left over for the name, apparently). I didn’t get anything but it was cool to see the things I could do if I ever built my skillz enough to invest in a serger.


a small fraction of the store. look at all the sparkles!

Then it was onto a whole host of other shops – lovely little places full of staff who want to stop and chat about New York and Chicago and fabric and fashion school and what a medical student was doing in a fabric shop.  I also went to a store that was dedicated to trimmings. Walls and walls of ribbons and buttons and fringy fringe. It was too much to bear and I wanted to run around squealing under my breath, touching everything.  Luckily I had Shelley there to keep me in check but I’m pretty sure at some point she wished she had one of these child leashes to keep an eye on me.

The grand finale of my garment district trip was a visit to Mood Fabrics.  I don’t actually watch Project Runway (oops) but visiting the store seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up.  It was enormous and hectic and full of beautiful fabrics so beyond my level of sewing comprehension that even if I could afford them, I wouldn’t know what to do with them.  Regardless I still found a beautiful watercolor-esque cotton sateen print that will someday (hopefully soon) turn into a sundress.  Until then I’ll just keep opening up my fabric stash and sighing happily as I look at it.



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