Happy Easter y’all!  Busy school schedules mean that I haven’t been home for Easter in years, but I have very fond memories as a little girl of emptying out eggshells and dyeing beautiful eggs with my mom.  After seeing so many beautiful eggs all over the magical internet (especially these!) I decided to make some of my own as a last-minute Easter craft.

I hollowed out some eggs using a pin and the good ol’ power of my own lungs, which is way more fun than it sounds.  Luckily I was baking later that day so I had a use for the half dozen shell-less eggs that materialized in my refrigerator after this endeavor was over.

After that part was over, it was time for some doodlin’!  I was inspired largely by henna designs that I love so much.  And of course a knitting egg worked its way in there. (:




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