new york city.

Finally back from New York!  I say finally like my vacation was a bad thing, but it definitely wasn’t – I really needed a break to recharge so I could jump back into life and school with renewed vigor. (Right.)  And besides, New York was awesome!  It is nice to be home though, especially because I really felt like I had the crafting bug when I was away and that’s not an easy thing to remedy when I’m away from all my crafty stuff (except knitting, and I am currently having a “knitting and I are seeing other people” phase at the moment).  Anyway since this is predominantly a crafting blog I won’t spend too much time talking about my trip but since I am a huge nerd I cannot resist the urge to post my pictures of the Game of Thrones exhibition which is happening in New York right now (until 3 April! Gogogogogoooo).  The exhibit was SO COOL and full of props and models and storyboards and little interviews, as well as really cool game you could play involving bows and arrows and wildfire (thankfully only the virtual kind). AND I got to sit on the Iron Throne, which is probably the most exciting nerdy thing to ever happen to me.



i love the detailing on the neckline (sansa’s winterfell gown)




my personality as a monarch would be something along the lines of marcel the shell.

Now that I’m back, I have a week with a relatively lenient school schedule so I’ll be doing as much crafting as humanly possible (and then blogging about it!). Woo!



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