another wip wednesday

If my sweater progress looks nonexistent compared to my last WIP Wednesday post, then you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head.  I’ve done 8 more rows or something like that since I last posted (and in my opinion, when each row has some ridiculous number of stitches I don’t necessarily think it’s anything to sneeze at), so I’m kind of at a low functioning knitting state (because I’m on VACATION).  Some updates though!

Photo on 3-26-13 at 10.12 AM

my unchanged sweater with an exciting guest appearance – shelley!

FIRST!  I finally figured out where I screwed up. HAH.  Still not sure how I did it (and thank goodness I did it pretty much symmetrically), but I have finally identified the errors that the wheedly little voice in my subconscious knew I was making.  The best part is: I think I’m going to be able to fix them without ripping back to the beginning. Oh happy day.

I am doing way less knitting than anticipated for two reasons: I’m rereading A Storm of Swords in giddy preparation for the season 3 GoT premiere (be still my beating heart) and I’m also visiting New York and Boston for the week.  So far everything is very exciting and East-Coast like – mostly I’m just terrified of all the aggressive pedestrians in New York (normally I feel like I am a few standard deviations above average aggressiveness for Chicago, but everyone here is just as (if not more) assertive about walking places than I am).  Rather than this making me feel all “aw yiss these are my peeps,” it makes me feel more like “meep.”  REGARDLESS, I am super excited for all the city-exploring I have in store for myself – bagels, the Met, the NYC transit museum, a Game of Thrones exhibit, and the garment district (there exists a store called House of Spandex – I don’t even sew with spandex but this gem cannot escape unexplored).  Oh and a third reason for not knitting, but this one isn’t entirely unexpected: the renal exam.  I passed the kidneys, folks.  It was pretty painful – I have never had a kidney stone but if I was ever given the chance between redoing the renal exam and passing a kidney stone, I think I might take my chances with the stone.


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