wip wednesday

That’s a thing, right?  Well I’m doing it so it’s a thing for me.  The sweater is coming along nicely(?), I think.  I don’t have a lot done yet because I am slow as heck and this is without a doubt the biggest, most tightly knit thing I have ever made.

Photo on 3-18-13 at 12.58 AM

I feel very suspicious of this project – there is no way I’m not screwing up, but I honestly don’t know how to tell if I have screwed up because all of my errors seem to be symmetric.  So my plan is to just keep going until I finally realize the irreparable boo-boos I have committed and am forced to frog back to the second row.

Also, GAUGE – it sucks.  Confession: I’ve made it from August 2011 (when I started knitting) until now without ever having to use gauge for anything and now that I have done it, I can say that I heartily detest it. Whine whine whine. All kvetching aside, though – I am so excited with the magical-ness of the sweater, even if I am screwing up.  Cables and lace and whatnot are cool, but there’s something very interesting about creating functional shapes and directions and things like SHOULDERS with just loops of yarn.

I plan on bringing the project to New York with me, but honestly it will definitely take a backseat to rereading A Storm of Swords on the airplane, and doing fun things (eating! public transportation and public transportation museums! going to a Game of Thrones prop exhibit! FABRIC STORES!!!!!).  If you couldn’t tell I’m just a little excited for this.


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