starting to get fancy

I am not a fancy or a fashionable person.  Most of my clothes and accessories are from Target or Marshalls, and if something I wear looks nicer than that chances are very good that it either a) came from the thrift store or b) my boyfriend bought it counterfeit for like $20USD in China.

In spite of this I’ve begun occasionally perusing Net-a-Porter (don’t worry Mom, I’m not going to spend all my student loan money on a $3,000 leather bustier) for clothing inspiration – things that I can add onto or refashion to make a more interesting piece.  Sometimes it makes me feel sort of disgusted with myself and clothing in general (I can hear my dad’s voice echoing in my head, “more money than braaaaaaiiins”), but whatever.  I will never be able to (nor will I want to) buy most of this stuff, but I do think it is beautiful and it makes me feel inspired to make cool stuff.  Here’s some of what I have found so far!  If you couldn’t tell I am currently obsessed with beading details and I really want to try it out. Also, I think the time has come to try my hand at that salmon colored skirt (by the time has come I mean the time will come in like 2 weeks during a light week).  Hopefully this will go over well-ish. Meep.



Do you use Net-a-Porter to get inspired for sewing?  If not, what do you use?


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