once more unto the breach

Am I ripping off Star Trek or Shakespeare? Your choice, but either option is better than my last Eminem title.

ANYWAY. Unto what am I breaching?  Here’s your answer, in very much the “before” form:


That’s right. My very first sweater (Make it Red cardigan by Ann Weaver – go check out her work, she is a phenomenal knitwear designer and was super nice to me when I asked her a totally doofy question about knitting needles on Ravelry).  I bought the pattern quite a while ago as part of the Twentieth Century Graphic ebook (which has insanely gorgeous sweaters in it) on KnitPicks but I’ve been too afraid and too full of excuses to start my first sweater.  No more, friends – NO MORE.  I finally acquired the needles, finished the last bits of holiday knitting, cleansed my qi, and I’M READY – confusing-looking instructions and the ominous-sounding second sleeve syndrome be darned (knitting pun, har-har).  So stay tuned for my next sweater-knitting update, which will probably be titled something along the lines of “the agony and the ecstasy,” (again – I could be ripping off the novel, film, or Smokey Robinson song – the possibilities are endless) with an emphasis on the agony bit.  Here goes nothin’.

PS! While we’re on the subject of knitting – I LOVE RAVELRY it is so wonderful a la la la.  I’ve been lurking on it for about a year and a half just downloading patterns like it’s my job but now I’m trying to be more active in terms of posting my own projects as a reference to myself and to acknowledge the fact that I am maybe finally ready to kick it with other knitters.  So add me (u/n quienfuera)!  And teach me how to dougie/use this website! Yaaaay.


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