snap back to refashioning

Yes, that is an Eminem reference. Sorry, Eminem (confession time: I just recently (read: NOW) found out that Eminem’s real name is Marshall Mathers and not Thurgood Marshall.  I definitely knew Thurgood Marshall was the first African American justice of the Supreme Court, but for some reason I thought he and Eminem had the same name. Oh mylanta).

ANYWAY, let’s get down to business.  If you remember in my last refashioning post, I said that I would be trying another one of Trash to Couture’s awesome tutorials – the V-neck gathered cowl collar…thing.  Mine was made from just another set of $3 long-sleeved V neck tees from Target’s clearance aisle.  I should probably stop being so fidgety with my projects and start taking “before” photos before I mangle up the shirt.  I should also stop being so fidgety with my projects that I think about doing all the steps in between before I take like two hours to pin the chunk of fabric to the neckline “just to see how it will look.”  Sigh.  Anyway!  Here’s the not-so-before, the plain V-neck after I cut out the collar.


I had to cobble together the two halves of the other shirt to make the tube of fabric that became the cowl.  Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this (and I can’t believe I did this), but I hand-sewed the collar onto the shirt.  I know what you’re thinking – do I have a rare brain fungus whose first manifestation is to cause an irresistible desire to hand-sew? The answer, sadly, (because then I would have an excuse) is no. My sewing machine, bless its heart, hated this fabric and would absolutely not sew it for all of the cajoling and curse words in the world.  Such is the trickiness of sewing knits on a basic sewing machine, though.  In typical bull-headed fashion I was not to be deterred from the project and subjected myself to several hours (compared to what I thought was going to be like, fifteen minutes) of painstaking ugly hand-sewing. Sigh. I’m improving slightly, but this is definitely a project where I hope that no one ever looks at the seams.


This makes the second sewing project for March already completed!  Woohoo!  I’d like to do one more if possible (a bag/pouch of some sort, possibly for my knitting needles), but I’m not so sure about that.  I’ve got a lot of clinic days coming up (fun and valuable, but definitely lays waste to my crafting time) and then I’m going to NEW YORK (hi Shelley!) in two weeks.  Not to mention a sort-of-upcoming exam, just cause I gotta show the folks in charge I was capable of absorbing something during the renal unit (for all you folks at home, that was a kidney funny).


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