knit, interrupted

ACTUALLY, my knitting isn’t interrupted – it’s more like my knitting is interrupting my life.  Ah well – I never saw that movie anyway so I can’t even be sure whether or not this title is remotely applicable. Alas/alack.

I just finished up the Tuesday Night Cowl (sadly not on a Tuesday night, but whatever) and I am exceedingly pleased with it (except for my kitchener stitch, which definitely needs work).  Anyway the pattern was great – I really liked how the author included instructions for three different yarn weights.  I used worsted because I happen to have a buttload of really soft worsted yarn lying around, but I will probably do some as gifts in bulky for next Christmas (because I am lazy/I want to mass produce and bulky just knits up so much faster – sorry everyone, now you know my secret).

Photo on 3-4-13 at 2.10 PM #2Also, I got new lipstick!  And by new I mean my first lipstick ever.  I felt like being a bit rebellious and I figured red lipstick was a much more socially acceptable/employable rebellion than tattooing “HOMICIDE” or something of that like on my neck.  Also something about lipstick seems very grown up compared to my normal Blistex.  Too bad I can’t hear adulthood knocking over the click-clacking of my knitting needles.




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