sew-splosion? sew-a-palooza? smorgasew?

Yes, this is a terribly awkward post name. I think. But really my post-exam celebration has been exclusively composed of SEWING (glory glory hallelujah), so I figured it would be appropriate.  My most recent project?  This beautiful cowl neck top from Trash to Couture.  It’s made with two identical clearance shirts from Target (they’re from the pajama section, but now you can’t even tell – I feel like somehow I’m getting away with a crime by wearing these out in public).  I love this blog for that reason – there are so many interesting refashioning projects, which are amazing because so much of the horrible part of sewing (the cutting, marking, pinning, crying because things won’t line up right) is all taken care of for you and you just add something to make it more interesting or trendy.  This is also good for me, because if I were to describe my personal style in one word it would be PLAIN. Those more generous than me might call it “classic,” but I am basically one of those cartoon characters with a closetful of 20 carbon copies of the same outfit over and over again.



here’s a gratuitous photo of one of my parents’ cats to keep you all entertained.

My next project also happens to be from (spoiler alert) Trash to Couture (by now it should be obvious that I am obsessed with this blog), so stay tuned to see if I complete yet another sewing project without making an egregious mistake!  Fingers crossed, y’all.



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