baby steps

After my last sewing debacle (shudder), I wanted a quickie project with simple construction to rebuild some of my flagging confidence with the sewing machine.  I chose a sewing machine cover in some pretty mermaid cotton that I had in my drawer of fabric-hoarding.  The project is from One-Yard Wonders, a really great crafting book with simple sewing projects using (dur) only a yard of fabric.

The idea of a sewing machine cover seemed a little silly to me at first because a) I already have a hard case for it, and b) it’s a MACHINE, not some delicately-constitutioned Shih-Tzu and it can sit on my desk without getting the shakes or whatever.  But!  I was swayed by the included pocket because whenever I leave projects in the middle to go do real world responsibilities like understanding how the kidneys work, I just leave my seam ripper, scissors, ruler, marking pencils, thousands of pins (sorry David), etc strewn all over my desk. That is so not zen/Raven.  Also sometimes my machine does get a bit dusty (not out of neglect but just because I am too lazy to Lysol wipe it down) but – man I just realized I have been justifying this project to myself/my readers for a decently sized paragraph.  Time to stop babbling.

Slide1  Slide2 

Nude no more!

I’m relatively happy with the construction – I took my time with this one and tried to make it as straight/precise as possible in an attempt to prevent against future errors in tricker projects.  I do wish it was in a bit darker of a pattern because this baby is just BEGGING for me to spill tea or Diet Coke all over it, but whatever.  It’s on my desk and I will enjoy it! And maybe my sewing machine will enjoy it so much that it starts being nicer to me.



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