love, in an anatomically correct fashion

Being a studious/lame medical student who obviously only ever thinks about school and success and boards and whatnot, when I started brainstorming valentine ideas for my family of course I immediately gravitated toward anatomically correct hearts. Sigh. The predictability is almost overwhelming. HOWEVER, I am really excited about how these turned out and I wanted to show y’all how to make some classy looking nerdy valentines. 


You’ll need: Card stock, tissue paper, heart template (see below), X-acto knife, cutting surface (a cutting board works just fine), glue dots (photo adhesive dots that can be found at any craft store – but if you’re careful you could also probably just use a glue stick).


To get started, save and print out the heart template.  If you want to make lots of different sized hearts, then you can resize it up or down depending on your preference.  On the cutting board, position your tissue paper over the template and gently secure around the edges with some scotch tape.  

Carefully cut out the holes (it’s easier to cut the chambers and teeny vessels out first when the large majority of the heart is still attached to the sheet of tissue paper), and then cut around the edges with your x-acto knife.  

Once the heart is gently extricated from the tissue paper, use the glue dots to adhere the back of the heart (no situs inversus!) to the card stock. BOOM (or should I say LUB-DUB?). Valentine complete. 




  1. Hi, thank you for the printable, I made a stencil with it and then stenciled it to 2 t shirts. Do you think a manly man will wear it??I think so and I am giving it to my hubby and one for my grandson for Valentines Day!!!

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