comic(al) interim update

I’ve been remiss and terrible about actually regularly blogging (for shame) due to a depressing amount of schoolwork.  Exams, whaaa?  Passing, shiggety shwaaa? I have to do these things to successfully complete medical school? The outrage.  But really what’s outrageous is how much physics I have to do just to understand the lungs.

ANYWAY, I digress.  Below are some of my comics as featured on Feinberg’s very charming satirical (online) magazine, The Feinberg Flipside.  This should hopefully tide the eager masses over until I finish a dress and David can really awkwardly photograph me wearing it (am I the only one that just can’t find the wherewithal to ever do a hem? Seriously, I would rather go all Tarzan-Jane and just wear the dern thing unhemmed because I am usually so ready to be finished with the project).  But that should be happening tomorrow.  BUT WHATEVER. Back to the comics.






Yep, I censored out my last name. Take that, internet stalkers.


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