sprucing up priceless heirlooms (or something of the sort)

Last year, I received this beauty for Christmas from my boyfriend.


I know, right?

While it might seem like he actually hates me and wants to punish me for some horrible transgression (farting too much in bed), this gift is just a reminder of how well he and his mother (who noticed the item in the consignment shop where she works) know my taste, for better or for worse.

The cats came with the paint job you see in the before picture, as well as the atrocious lampshade.  Aren’t their pinpoint eyes and noses so disturbing?  At one point in the process of me moving from Evanston to my new digs in Chicago, I left this lamp sitting on an end table in my boyfriend’s apartment for a few weeks.  The cats disturbed his roommate so much that one day I came over to find that he had turned the lamp around so the cats were staring at the wall rather than him playing on his iPad.

Anyway, when I got settled in I figured I’d spruce up the lamp a little bit by giving it a fresh coat of paint.  All it took was one little bottle of lime green craft paint from Michaels, and I had myself a brand-spanking-new (ish) radioactive cat lamp (of course that is the name of a glam rock band).  If you’re painting your own kitten-y objets d’art, metallic gold paint is also a really sweet option.  I went with lime green because I already have a gold pig.  Yes, my home is a creepy graveyard of absurdly colored animals. No, you’re not invited over.



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