hats & sandwiches: was there ever a better combination?

I am the sort of person that loves to extend holidays – not because I particularly love the holiday, but my preference for handmade gifts (with a simultaneous and unfortunate inability to do anything crafty quickly) means that I am still making and sending off gifts probably until about February.  Ah well.  This is one such gift.

I knitted another Eagle Pine Hat, which is probably one of my favorite things I have knitted all year (seriously – this knits up so quickly, doesn’t require any tricky color work even though it looks like it, and is an excellent unisex and/or hipster pattern). Below is a photo of the hat, which is way less important than the wrapping paper, which is like 95% of the reason I made this blog post.  So keep reading, but take a moment to admire my beautiful knight (knit) in shining armor bookends.


You see, this gift is for a friend who happens to share my serious admiration for sandwiches.*  I thought I would celebrate this mutual obsession with the wrapping paper, since the box (yes, I am a hoarder and save teabag boxes for these very occasions) was the perfect shape for the most excellently proportioned sandwich. Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s bags, which are just about the only wrapping paper I can afford.


*I won’t go too deeply into my sandwich sermon here, but if you are a fellow sandwich lover or if you are uninitiated and want to see why sandwiches are the greatest American food of all time, I recommend these resources:

  1. The Very Best of Sandwich Design at Flavorwire
  2. The book Scanwiches, which is exactly what it sounds and incredibly genius.

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