allons-y, alonso

How do I start a craft blog?  How do I even start any blog at all, except with the desperate hope that people won’t think I’m super inane? Right now I do feel a bit of a need to justify myself to the crafting world, so here’s a small selection of the things I’ve been making recently just to prove that I do have some fine motor skills.  Most of these ideas were NOT my own, so credit is duly given in the links below. (:


Clockwise, starting from top left (links to patterns and tutorials):

I’ve got lots of plans for the coming year, including but not limited to: documenting my major sewing successes and frustrations (mostly frustrations, but heavily edited for profanity), auditioning my foray into making my own knitting patterns (your advice and editorial comments would be much appreciated!) and other DIYs.  I’m currently trying to decorate a generic shoebox apartment but with little space and even less money, so hopefully I can provide some good wall art how-tos.  Only time will tell how useful or fun this exercise will be, so I should just get the show on the road (:



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